As you might have noticed, we are creating a brand new site. That’s not big news but the reason we are launching our new site is…


We have taken on some interesting projects in the past couple years. Air Bearing Technology made parts that were under such high tolerances and unusual requirements that many new clients reached us after long searches and failed efforts by other shops.

We called these special projects custom. Yes, we do custom work. Then it hit us. These difficult and unusual projects aren’t custom to you. To you, this valve or that piece is the part you need. It’s not custom to you. It shouldn’t be custom to the shop that makes the parts you need.

For lack of a better term, we will have to continue call this “custom manufacturing”. But we won’t treat creating your part like you’ve asked us for a moon launch. We’ll treat it like we do everything we do: with precision and care.

If you need something special, something important that needs to be right, call us.

That’s our news. We are expanding our services to you. You will get that special part and everything we make will get the same high level of attention to precision. It may be “custom” to other shops, for us, it’s the way we do things.

We’d love to hear from you: