Linear Air Slides

Dovetail Air Slide

General Design Information

Air Bearing Technology’s unique wrap around dovetail design allows the air slide to be mounted in any position. The fixed clearance design yields maximum stage loading. Gas lubrication films are minimal, using an 8 micron film thickness for minimal air requirements with maximum stiffness and load capability.


The design eliminates the need for right and left hand slides on multi-axis systems. Skewing problems associated with cantilevered lead screw slides do not exist with our dovetail air bearing design. Air inlets come standard on both sides for ease of installation. Extremely low air consumption with micro inch accuracy and repeatability.

  • Frictionless motion from bearing system
  • High precision dovetail design allows mounting in any orientation
  • Three point mounting preserving accuracy of travel
  • Custom travel lengths available
  • Excellent skew resistance
  • Extremely low air consumption while maintaining high accuracy and repeatability
  • Provisions for center driven lead screw or linear motor options
  • Custom mounting and tooling options available


  • High precision lead screws with many pitch options
  • NEMA 23 motor mount options
  • Precision anti-backlash couplings for backlash free stepper motor control
  • Flag rails for home and over travel protection
  • Linear or voice coil motor mounting options
  • Encoder options for closed loop operation

Air Bearing Technology manufactures a host of standard travel lengths as well as customer directed lengths of travel. Contact us for further information.

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